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  • Ready to redesign your employee experience but not sure where to start?
  • Struggling to get everyone aligned on the EX-transformation journey?
  • Want to make sure you're solving real EX challenges specific to your organisation?


Then this virtual employee experience workshop is for you.


We've led virtual EX design workshops for some of the biggest brands in Asia and have been overwhelmed with positive feedback on our unique and collaborative approach. We're excited to make our interactive and innovative workshops available on-demand.


What's included?

  • 1 x 30-minute prep call
  • 1 x 90-minute virtual design workshop (max 12 participants)
  • 1 x Workshop report


What does an EX-design workshop look like?

To get us started, we'll work with you to define the scope of the workshop and key outcomes. This will either be a specific employee journey (onboarding, performance, return-to-work, hybrid working etc.) or a strategic challenge (driving productivity, reducing attrition, improving engagement).


Once we're happy with the scope, we'll prep your workshop to drive as much output as possible. Our tools will look like your tools and they'll be fit for a creative and interactive design session with your team(s).


Finally, we'll facilitate your workshop! Here's a sample agenda:


  • Introductions & EX Design 101
  • Part One: Reflections
  • Part Two: Creative Solutioning
  • Part Three: Action & Ownership
  • Part Four: Game on!
  • Close/Q&A


Once we're done, we'll send you a full workshop report with a summary of the session and any agreed actions, owners and dependencies. We'll also provide some final recommendations from our design team.


Why should we host an EX-design workshop?

Our virtual EX-design workshops are perfect for framing problem-statements, developing solutions and driving actions and accountability. EX workshops ensure your stakeholders are aligned on challenges and transformational opportunities and they help refine solutions to ensure your EX-investments are making a difference as soon as possible.


Ready to ideate with us? Book online and we'll reach out to confirm your workshop and set-up a time to discuss scope and outcomes.


Have a few questions? Reach out to us - 


Virtual Employee Experience Workshop

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  • All prices shown are in SGD and are not subject to GST. 

    Payment can be made via the website using Stripe (company credit card) or via invoice. Please email to request an invoice for this service. 

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