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6th July 2021
Featuring: Alan Nance (XLA), Sasha Wight (wrkflow) & Roar Bovim (Livingroom Analytics)

Check out the recording over at XLA.TV by clicking here!


24th June 2021
: Sasha Wight (wrkflow)

Check out the recording on-demand over on the Salesforce website by clicking here!

Short Clips: Employee Experience FAQ's

May 2021 
Featuring: Sasha Wight (wrkflow)

Got a question about employee experience? We've probably answered it in this video. Check it out!

Masterclass: Employee Experience Research

12th April 2021 
Featuring: Sasha Wight (wrkflow)

A 45-minute masterclass on conducting employee experience research at your organisation. Full of tips, ideas and frameworks!

Masterclass: Building the business case for EX investment

10th March 2021 
Featuring: Sasha Wight (wrkflow)

A 45-minute masterclass covering how to build an effective #EX business case to get the investment you need. Full of tips, ideas and frameworks!

Panel Discussion: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs at UNICON 2021

20th February 2021 

Featuring: Sasha Wight (wrkflow)

UNICON 2021 is an online conference that serves to unite international student entrepreneurs, local start-ups, angel investors and venture capitalists. Each year, outstanding young entrepreneurs from across Asia are gathered, challenged and inspired through our activities line-up. UNICON is organized by NUS Entrepreneurship Society with support from NUS Enterprise.


In the spirit of women supporting women, we have a handful of successful home-grown female entrepreneurs who will share their inspiring career journeys. There is still a wide gender gap within the tech and entrepreneurship spheres thus women face unique challenges in the workplace. Here you will get to hear 4 strong and successful women: Joshine Briane W from Facebook, Josephine Chow from Shopback, Dione Song from Love, Bonito and Sasha Wight from wrkflow.

Masterclass: Hosting Effective Virtual EX Design Workshops in <90minutes

26th January 2021 

Featuring: Sasha Wight (wrkflow)

A 45-minute masterclass on hosting awesome virtual EX design workshops in less than 90 minutes! Full of tips, ideas and frameworks. 

Live Discussion: Designing equitable employee experiences

26th November 2020 

Featuring: Gemma Saunders (Workplace Edit) Sasha Wight (wrkflow)

We referenced various research papers and reports during this session. To access those resources, check the description box linked here.

Live Discussion: Improving the return to work experience for working mothers

29th October 2020 

Featuring: Laura Cole, Head of HR Digital Service & Employee Experience (Standard Chartered Bank), Tash Cullen, Founder & RTW Lead (Beloved Bumps) & Sasha Wight (wrkflow)

Live Discussion: Competing for talent in a post-COVID world: How will EX drive your brand?

29th September 2020 

Featuring: Alana Bennett (Connected Experience), Jerome Moulin (The EX Partnership) & Sasha Wight (wrkflow)

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