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why does ex matter?

what is the employee experience (EX)?

As consumers, we expect nothing less than a great customer experience. We manage our personal 'wrkflows' with ease; leveraging the latest technology and carefully designed customer experiences to get stuff done. Our expectations at work are fast becoming the same. Today's leading organisations are prioritising EX and investing in their digital workplace, virtual work environments and culture. They understand that their EX is just as important as their CX.

When we break it down, EX is really about where we work, how we work and why we work. The where, how and why's are made up of the tools, environments and values that an organisation fosters to enable their employees to do what they love. We like to explain it like this:  

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why invest in the employee experience?

It's simple; a great employee experience drives a great customer experience.


In today's competitive environment, outstanding customer experiences drive loyalty, revenue and growth. Providing great experiences to the employees that serve your customers is absolutely crucial... they're your biggest influencers. 

Investing in your employee experience isn't just about building a great employer brand either, EX drives tangible business outcomes. Organisations recognised as EX leaders have 25% higher profits than their less EX-focused competitors according to MIT, as well as twice the innovation and double the customer satisfaction. A recent EX report featured in Forbes* highlighted a few key benefits:


  • Increased employee engagement​​

  • Increased innovation

  • Greater revenue and more profits

  • Better customer experience 

  • Increased employee productivity

We specialise in helping organisations build their business case for investment in EX, focusing on the business outcomes specific to their industry and operations.


where do we start?

Virtual Team Meeting

When it comes to defining strategy, we work with organisations to understand why employee experience matters as a first priority. Reflecting on your organisations purpose and broader strategy will help you develop a strategy that's truly aligned to business requirements. Developing an EX strategy based solely on technology or what we read as industry best-practice can create a disconnect when it comes to business outcomes. 

When it comes to driving your first initiative, we always say it's best to start somewhere (not to start small). If you've defined your roadmap properly, you'll be able to select your first initiative based on more than just the 'low-hanging fruit' or 'whatever is quickest' approach. We use our wrkflow matrix and roadmap framework to help clients plan their EX initiatives based on the value to the business, ease of execution, short-term ROI and long-term impact. 

Looking to get started? Feel free to arrange a call with us to talk more about where your business is with EX today and how we might be able to help.


ready to transform your employee experience?

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