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tier two

short-term engagements

Our short-term engagements are perfect for organizations looking to kick-start or evolve their EX transformation journey. 

What's a tier 2 service?

Put simply, these are services that typically last up to three months in duration.

These engagements are normally specific to an EX-challenge agreed ahead of project launch and are outcomes and measures-driven. For example, redesign of the onboarding experience or creation of an EX-metrics dashboard.

What are the services?

Our short-term engagements are designed to provide the right level of support needed by our clients with a focus on project objectives and outputs. Our most popular short-term engagements can be seen below or by clicking here.


These shorter engagements follow an agreed project plan designed to ensure we're maximizing outcomes and making progress towards shared project goals each week. These engagements always begin with a pre-project consultation and clearly defined and measurable objectives.

We want to invest in a short-term engagement, where do we start?

Firstly, reach out to us! We're happy to discuss your requirements and share some thoughts around how we can work towards your EX-design goals together.


Our short-term engagements are priced based on scope and subsequent resource requirements. We'll discuss your requirements before sending a short proposal of services for your approval. Once you're happy, we can get started and manage the invoicing and contracting in parallel.

What if we need something specific that isn't listed below?

Let us know! We'd be happy to craft a bespoke proposal for you that fits within this category of services. Simply reach out to us 

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tier two services

Meeting Room Business

ex strategy

working in partnership with key stakeholders to design your organizations employee experience strategy using our frameworks and thought leadership

Brainstorm Team Meeting
journey maps

employee journey design & mapping

we work with our clients to map out employee service journeys and experiences. We take complex journeys and redesign them to create exceptional experiences using the right digital tools.

Image by Toa Heftiba

ex research

a problem well-defined is a problem half-solved. We work with our clients to conduct internal research using our EX-research methodology to understand key ex-challenges and map interventions based on our analysis of the data

Image by Leon

ex playbooks

leveraging our expertise and design experience to develop your own ex design playbook, defining how the employee experience is curated and managed at your organisation

Image by Sigmund

ex metrics and measures

unsure how to measure and manage your employee experience? We work with clients to develop a bespoke ex dashboard based on industry best-practice and our proprietary frameworks

Image by Kelly Sikkema

design advisory

we work with our clients to ensure that ex-design remains at the heart of their larger transformational projects. We provide bespoke project and design advisory at a senior leadership level to complement the existing team structure

Remote Working

persona design

looking to understand your internal customers better? persona's are key. We develop personas specific to your organisation to support your ex design journey

Virtual Team Meeting

ex tech advisory

we love digital-first EX, that's why we've partnered with leading experience tech vendors and implementation partners. We can support your search for the right tech solutions and help develop the business case for investment if required

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

bespoke requirements

can't find what you're looking for but need some support? just reach out to us and we'll craft a bespoke proposal for you

ready to talk to us about a short-term engagement?

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