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on-demand services

In early 2021 we launched our on-demand services to meet the needs of our clients and industry colleagues. We want to provide flexible, affordable and scalable EX-design services to all organizations, regardless of size and budget! 

What's a tier 1 service?

Put simply, these are our services that typically last less than one week in duration and are available to purchase on-demand. These services are typically delivered in the few weeks following purchase. 

What are the services?

Our on-demand design services are our most popular services! They leverage many of the tried and tested methodologies and frameworks we've used with some of the leading brands in Asia and beyond. These services currently include:

  • Employee Experience Training & Enablement 

  • Employee Experience Design Workshops (Virtual and In-Person)

  • Employee Experience Research & Analysis 

  • Employee Experience Assessments (coming soon!)

How do we purchase wrkflow's on-demand services?

Our on-demand services can be purchased and booked online via Stripe using your corporate credit card below! We'll work in partnership with you/your team following purchase to agree project timing and a scope that's specific to your organsiation.


Alternatively, we can make them available via invoice depending on your budgeting requirements. We've made sure our on-demand services are accessible without the need to manage a lengthy budget or procurement process and are within standard expensable ranges for most organizations.

What if we need something specific?

Let us know! We'd be happy to craft a bespoke proposal for you that fits within this category of services. Simply reach out to us 

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